ERGANI S.A. is a construction company founded by the civil engineer George Delidimos in 1981, originally operating under the name G.DELIDIMOS & CO. With a steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability and client satisfaction, the company is well established in the construction industry. For more than 40 years, we have realized a wide range of technical projects including industrial facilities, office buildings, educational complexes, residential and hospitality developments. The company holds a 3rd class Contractor Degree in the Construction, Hydraulics and Road Building category and a 2nd class degree in Electromechanical and Energy category and is actively involved in a great number of public sector projects.
Since 2010, ERGANI S.A. has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the energy landscape through our dedication to sustainable development. With a focus on harnessing renewable resources, we have emerged as a leading construction company specializing in the development of photovoltaic parks and biomass projects.


STRONG CLIENT FOCUS : Our priority is to successfully meet and exceed clients’ expectations, delivering projects on time and with high quality standards. We are committed to punctuality, transparency, and efficiency.

FIDUCIARY INTEGRITY: We conduct ourselves in the highest ethical standards, representing and acting in our clients’ best interests.

UP-TO-DATE EXPERTISE : We always keep an eye on technological trends to deliver the highest standards of buildings and infrastructures. We are solution driven.


We provide a comprehensive suite of services that covers all stages of a technical project. From site selection and feasibility studies to permit acquisition and construction, we prioritize efficiency, quality, and environmental responsibility at every stage. Our holistic approach ensures seamless coordination, efficient decision-making, and optimal results throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Our services include

  • Architectural, structural and MEP design
  • Issuance of Building Permits
  • Detail and Tender documents
  • BoQ and Cost Estimates
  • Construction Planning
  • Construction Management

We offer turn-key solutions for our clients and guarantee the functional and safe use of our projects.